Strawberry Fields Design Founder/Web Designer Featured in Women Magazine

Photo: Kristi Kemp, Beau D’Art Photography of Kimberly

Photo: Kristi Kemp, Beau D’Art Photography of Kimberly

GREEN BAY, WI – Addie Sorbo, graphic and web designer, and owner of Strawberry Fields Design Inc. is featured in Women Magazine’s February 24, 2009 issue. Following is an excerpt from the article:

9. Addie Sorbo
Strawberry Fields Design, Green Bay

What is the greatest challenge of being a Web designer?

The most obvious challenge as a Web designer is keeping up with technology as technology is constantly changing. One of my biggest challenges, however, is designing/developing for multiple browsers.

What looks good and is functional in one browser may look very different or not work the same in another, sometimes even with different versions of the same browser.

As a designer, I like to have control over the way things look, down to the smallest detail. This can be achieved with print, but with Web there are so many variables that I’m forced to give up some of that control.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a Web designer?
I love hearing success stories from my clients that are the result of the Web site or marketing materials we have developed for them. It’s very rewarding.

Have you ever seen a Web disaster? I’ve seen many Web site disasters. It’s obvious that the time was not taken in the initial planning of the site.

The planning process is as important, if not more important, than the execution of a Web site. Just creating a Web site to have one could actually hurt a business. Many people will go to a Web site to check out a business before picking up the phone or making a decision.

A Web site is really a business’s chance to make a great first impression. Proper Web site planning ensures that it will employ both form and function. It will be both visually intriguing, to capture the attention of the viewer, and well organized so the viewer can find information without frustration.

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About Strawberry Fields Design Inc.
Strawberry Fields Design Inc. is a boutique marketing communications firm. They take a strategic approach to providing unique graphic and web design services—specializing in captivating and capturing the female audience. The firm designs and develops a broad array of print and digital marketing collateral, including websites, logos, corporate identity, brochures, annual reports, magazines, advertising materials, and social media. Located in Green Bay, WI, Strawberry Fields Design was founded in 2006 by award-winning graphic and web designer, Addie Sorbo. To view their portfolio and learn more about the firm’s services visit:

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