Strawberry Fields Design’s Limited Edition Diaper Prints for FuzziBunz a Hit

FuzziBunz's® "Strawberry Delight" and "Whimsical Whale" Limited Edition Diapers

FuzziBunz’s® “Strawberry Delight” and “Whimsical Whale” Limited Edition Diapers

Yesterday, FuzziBunz®, the inventors of the modern cloth diaper, announced the addition of two cloth diaper prints, “Strawberry Delight” and “Whimsical Whale”, to its line of award-winning, popular cloth diapers. Both limited edition diaper prints were designed by Strawberry Fields Design and have been receiving overwhelming positive feedback, including many retailers selling out of their product.

“The prints are fun and colorful, with patterns that made me smile. FuzziBunz is right on trend this season, with the fashion-forward neon colors and fruit-themed pattern.” –Kim Rosas, the owner of the popular blog Dirty Diaper Laundry

“I absolutely adore the new FuzziBunz® prints and am very happy that FuzziBunz® has added prints to its line of wonderful cloth diapering products and accessories.” –Blogger, Gina Crosley-Corcoran of The Feminist Breeder

@eLeMeNO_Pee tweeted:“Fuzzibunz Prints are a hit! New Whimsical Whale print SOLD OUT in 1 HR 20 MINUTES!”

FuzziBunz® Strawberry Delight

FuzziBunz® Strawberry Delight

FuzziBunz® Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight is a whimsical and magical cloth diaper print that will please any baby girl and the parents who love her. With swirling pink strawberries surrounded by luscious oranges, this cloth diaper design, available in both the FuzziBunz® One Size Elite and Perfect Size options, looks good enough to eat. (Do not eat them, of course!)

FuzziBunz® Whimsical Whale

FuzziBunz® Whimsical Whale

FuzziBunz® Whimsical Whale

This cloth diaper print design will bring a delightful squeal to any baby and his or her doting mom or dad. Whimsical whales adorn this blue and aqua green reusable cloth diaper also available in One Size Elite and Perfect Size options.



FuzziBunz® partners with Strawberry Fields Design for its print/graphic design and web design needs, including tradeshow displays, brochures, packaging, print collateral, marketing materials, and website graphics for their retailers.

Known as the “gold standard in cloth diapering,” the patented FuzziBunz® cloth diapers are a modern, convenient and sustainable diapering solution for today’s busy parents. The reusable pocket cloth diapers ensure no leaks, no rash and no waste.

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