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Are you making a great first impression? Your logo is often times someone’s first impression of you – your business, organization, product, or event. We’ve helped develop branding and identity design for new and established businesses and organizations. Since logos are meant to stand the test of time, we go through a thorough design process to develop our client’s brand identity. Our creative director teaches this process at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Our Logo Design Process includes:

• Thorough research about the client, target market, and competitors

• Brainstorming ideas through wordlists and then using those words to search for inspiration online (the Thesaurus, Google image search, and Pinterest are some of our favorites)

• Sketching ideas, coming up with more ideas, sketching more and searching more…

• Choosing a few options to develop in Adobe Illustrator

• Trying out lots and lots of fonts

• Presenting three to four B&W logo options to the client (black and white at first to focus on the logo’s form)

• Making modifications based on client feedback (ultimately moving forward with one of the designs)

• Once the B&W logo is finalized, providing color options based on previous research of the brand space as well as current trends

After the color logo is finalized, we provide an assortment of file types of the logo in color (print and web), Pantone® spot color, white/reversed, and B&W, along with a brand sheet specifying colors and fonts

We work with clients who value good design and who believe that a unique, professionally designed identity is an investment in their success. Below is a collection of logo identities we’ve designed. Contact us to see if we’d be a good fit for your brand identity project.

Branding/Brand Identity Design Services: Boutique branding and logo design/identity design.

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