Central Church Interior Design: Youth Group Warehouse Theme Space

Central Church’s mission is simple – Love God. Love people. Their vision is to reach over 20,000 people in the Green Bay area. The challenge was how to reach that vision in their current facility.

Central examined many different possibilities, including relocating to a new facility. Ultimately, they concluded to best serve current and future members, they would renovate their current building. We helped design their NextSteps capital campaign – with a goal to raise $750,000 over a three year period. This campaign would fund several phases of renovations including their children’s/youth facility, lobby, sanctuary, lower level classrooms, offices, parking, and facility exterior.

These renovations would provide…

  • a safe and centralized space for children and youth to encounter God
  • a simplified layout and traffic flow for first-time guests
  • improved accessibility for those with disabilities
  • improved sound and lighting in all areas
  • improved lobby space that’s more conducive for connecting with others
  • updated restrooms
  • improved ability to seamlessly facilitate multiple services each weekend

We partnered with Central Church in both the design, marketing, and development of their NextSteps capital campaign, and once funding was received, served on their Facility Development Team to design those spaces.

Phase 1 included renovations of their Student Center – remodeling and renovating of over 32,000 square feet of space into a lobby/meeting area, nursery, children’s playground and classrooms, and youth area, as well as kitchen, bathrooms, and storage. We worked alongside their construction contractor, interior designer, and church board and staff to help orchestrate each phase of the project.

The Warehouse is large, multi-purpose area with a stage, sound system and lighting, and attached kitchen. It provides a space for youth group and children’s church and activity areas for gaga ball and sports. The space is also used for large events, banquets, and the church’s monthly food distribution outreach. We designed this themed space to be fun and inviting for children, youth, and adults. This process included:

  • Assessing the purpose of the space and providing the proper form and function to best serve this purpose
  • Designing the space to fit within the environmental design of the entire children’s and youth facility
  • Presenting ideas for the space
  • Creating artwork and a finalized, to-scale plan for the interior design
  • Providing a detailed plan of actionable items to facilitate and complete the project

Once the interior design was finalized, we hired a local graffiti artist to add artwork at the entrance and throughout the area. Sound-dampening panels were creatively arranged on the walls for both form and function.

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