Environmental & Interior Design: Beatles & British Themed Airbnb

We love designing themed spaces. Themed spaces exude passion and personality.

After a family vacation including a stay at an Airbnb, we decided to embark on the adventure of creating our own unique, themed Airbnb. The inspiration for the interior design of the space came from my love of The Beatles, everything British, and my husband’s board game and book collection. I took design cues from a few specific things: a painting I had done in high school of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Royal Family, and red phone booths.

This project included:

  • Reconfiguration and remodeling of a half-bath and mudroom to allow for a lock-off and addition of a shower – we hired a plumber, electrician, and contractor, but did the majority of the building/remodel ourselves
  • Looking for lots of inspiration and ideas (see my Pinterest boards for London Bathroom and Beatles British Theme Room)
  • Designing and installing an amazing black-and-white hex tile floor
  • Designing and building one of the space’s main focal points – a red London phone booth shower with 1960’s Paul McCartney on the phone
  • Creating a show-stopper/focal point for each room – including the Sgt. Pepper’s painting in the main living area and the Yellow Submarine cutout in the ping-pong room
  • Finding furniture, artwork, and accessories to fit the interior design and align with the theme – this included Houndstooth prints, a color block rug to unify the color scheme of the collection of rooms and mimic the look of albums, and photos of the royal family
  • Marketing our Abbey Road Studio vacation rental #abbeyroadgreenbay (see our Airbnb here: Abbey Road: Beatles, Lambeau, Books & Games!)
  • Inviting Paul McCartney to be our first guest while playing at Lambeau Field (he declined, however, our first guests were Beatles fans who attended the concert and were interviewed in a news story on our Airbnb)

Environmental design of themed spaces is our passion, and we can help you surround yourself with your passion! Whether it’s complete design and execution of an interior design project for a room, home, restaurant, church, or business, or just helping start the process and providing guidance along the way by consulting on your project (giving advice on colors, ideas, and design, then creating actionable steps for a DIYer), let’s talk about how to get started! Contact us about your themed-space project.


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